JerusaLENS: The Jubilee Photo Exhibition at Ammunition Hill


The Jerusalem International Photography Challenge Exhibition is open. One hundred photos of Jerusalem taken by photographers from all over the world are on display at Ammunition Hill. Join us to discover more exiting details about this unique contest.

JerusaLENS: 14,500 photographs from 84 countries; 2.4 million votes for the best photo. And all this happened in less than two months.


The 100 top-ranked photos are on display. When? From June 6 to August 6, 2017. Where? Ammunition Hill, Jerusalem. Free entrance, Sunday to Thursday, from 8:00 to 17:00, Fridays from 8:00 to 13:00.

Following the Jerusalem showing, the exhibition will go on an international tour.


Jerusalem from every angle: The competition 

JerusaLENS, the International Photo Challenge, was created in honor of the Jubilee Year of our capital's reunification. Photographers from all over the world were invited to upload their images of Jerusalem from any time on any subject to the special competitive platform of GuruShots.

The results were amazing. Within two months, 14,500 photographs from 84 countries were uploaded, receiving 2.4 million votes. That’s more votes than similar competitions for photographs of Paris, New York and London (!). The competition succeeded beyond all expectations and now comprises the largest collection of Jerusalem photographs on the web, each showing a singular view of this unique city.

Among JerusaLENS participants were photographers from Arab countries, including Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Iraq and others. The anonymous and international voting allowed for "equality of power": For the first time ever, the city was "judged" on an aesthetic and artistic basis alone.Iraq and others. The anonymous and international voting allowed for "equality of power": For the first time ever, the city was "judged" on an aesthetic and artistic basis alone.

The 100 most popular photos of our capital were enlarged and are now on display, allowing the public to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the city, its culture, and people, as well as showcasing the talented winning photographers. 

The exhibition is housed on Ammunition Hill, where some of the most bitter battles for the liberation of Jerusalem were fought exactly 50 years ago.

Noam Katz, the MFA Deputy Director General for Media & Public Affair, remarked at the opening event, “Jerusalem is an important place for many around the world. People from 84 different countries sent their photos of Jerusalem to this extraordinary contest. This creative initiative and the exhibition it formed, which will go on an international tour, will help us introduce Jerusalem to many others.



Noam Katz, the MFA's Deputy Director General for Media & Public Affairs, at the JerusaLENS exhibition


The JerusaLENS challenge has given the city of Jerusalem a unique present for the Jubilee year of its reunification – an extraordinary photo collection.

Partnering in this initiative were the Ammunition Hill National Memorial Site; the Israeli Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Tourism, Jerusalem and Heritage; the Government Press Office (GPO); and with the support of HP (Scitex and Indigo) and Venture Partners PICO.


The Winner Photographer Award (for 4 most voted images on the web) went to David Mor from Israel for his photo of "The bagel man”, featuring a merchant pushing a large cart of bread up the Old City’s steep steps:




 See for yourself: All the photos are available here