What is planned for Jerusalem in the upcoming year


On the 50th anniversary of its reunification, Jerusalem is a modern, vibrant city, yet it never stops from upgrading and developing. Here are the plans for the upcoming year.


New equipment and staff will be added to improve neighborhood cleanliness, cleaning operations in the eastern neighborhoods will be upgraded, new themed neighborhood parks will be established, additional off-leash dog parks will be built in the neighborhoods, new parks will be established in the city’s eastern neighborhoods, millions of flowers will be planted across the entire city, dozens of city roads and sidewalks will be renovated.


An innovative program will be implemented in the elementary schools, which is an educational revolution in the management and curriculum for elementary schools; kindergarten playgrounds will be renovated; and dozens of urban renewal programs will be implemented across the entire city. Plans will continue to advance for: the renovation or expansion of about 10,000 residential units; the establishment of 7 employment centers in Har Hotzvim, Talpiot, at the entrance to the city and other locations, which will add 5,000,000 m2 to the urban business space; additional Light Rail lines in the city; upgrading traffic in the north of the city; development of public transportation routes, and more.


Bike paths will be developed  in city neighborhoods, which will connect to the Sovev Jerusalem trail; the budget for culture and sports events will increase across all city sectors; the 20th Maccabiah Games will be held in the city; the country’s largest aquarium will be inaugurated in the Biblical Zoo; a business incubator will be developed for social businesses in the city; the first “gadget lab” will be open in the city as a collaborative effort between Intel and various startups and developers; hundreds of events will be held in cooperation with downtown businesses; and over 30 place-making initiatives will begin in partnership with artists and residents in the city center and across the neighborhoods. 


The multi-year program for renovating and improving the coverage and roofing of 50 sports arenas across the city will continue; new fitness facilities will be set up citywide and new walking paths will be developed in 10 city neighborhoods; new small sports facilities will be built for the community – including artificial grass and basketball courts; the athletics stadium at Givat Ram will be completely upgraded, which will allow the stadium to host national and international events and be used by sports associations and the local community; new swimming pools are in various stages of planning and construction.  A number of new community centers will be built, including a unique community center specializing in the arts, music and culture. Youth movement clubs will be set up, and about 25 preschool day care centers will be built.